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CHINA Kaiyu Market Research Firm

As one of the consulting agencies for market research services in China, we have provided many clients with professional market research and related consulting services, covering many industries
Relying on the professional data provided by national statistical institutions and various industry associations, we carried out in-depth industry research, focusing on emerging fields such as semiconductor, artificial intelligence, automatic driving, new energy, financial technology, medical and general health.

China market research and consultation

Market research is an important basis for enterprises to make market strategic decisions. A large, accurate, timely and systematic grasp of market information will help enterprises understand the impact of external conditions on their production and operation, thus helping enterprise managers to make effective and wise decisions. Relevant statistics show that only 24% of large and medium-sized enterprises in developed regions of China have done market research, and up to 39.8% of enterprises have had or have seen the failure of implementing an important plan due to lack of market research, with an average loss of 511500 RMB.

Competitor research and consultation

In today’s increasingly fierce market competition, it is no less important for an enterprise to understand the situation of its competitors than to grasp the market demand and understand its own advantages and disadvantages. Enterprise research is an important means to understand competitors, mainly including competitive intelligence collection, competitor identification, competitor analysis, etc

China Market Entry Consultation

Actively expanding the scope of business and entering emerging markets will help enterprises gain momentum for sustainable development. However, due to the serious asymmetry of information inside and outside the industry, the decision-makers of most enterprises have too one-sided understanding of emerging target markets and technologies. In addition, the failure of entry barriers is common in domestic industries, which will lead enterprises to make market entry decisions blindly, resulting in waste of resources, excessive competition, and even make enterprises fall into sustainable operation difficulties.

china Investment due diligence

Business cooperation and investment M&A are important ways for enterprises to achieve rapid expansion. Successful cooperation and investment projects create value for enterprises and bring huge synergy benefits. However, due to the lack of objective and effective credit evaluation and risk assessment, it is very easy to make short-sighted and emotional investment decisions, resulting in decision failure. According to relevant research, nearly 80% of the strong companies failed to recover their investment costs after taking over the acquired enterprises by “eating the weak with the strong”. There are countless cases of investment failure caused by partner selection mistakes.

In order to solve the joint venture needs of foreign companies and Chinese enterprises, we can provide the whole process of strategic consulting services and promote consulting to solve practical problems

Focusing on industrial planning, it provides the whole process consulting services from market research – industrial planning – special research – project planning – spatial planning – investment operation – investment location research – project feasibility study

Project planning

Commercial real estate planning
Cultural tourism project planning
Tourism real estate planning
Comprehensive real estate planning
Project packaging and planning
Urban planning
Other real estate planning

Investment site selection

Research on industry pattern
Study on target regional pattern analysis of regional supply chain
Production and operation cost analysis
Research on Policy and Human Environment
Comprehensive benefit analysis

Investment attraction and operation

Investment attraction and operation
Target enterprise portrait
Investment Map and Enterprise List
Investment channel and mode planning
Investment promotion environment improvement
Investment policies and key work
Investment promotion and operation agency
Resource docking, etc

market research

Industry research and research
Research on the demand of investment objects
Industry dynamic monitoring
Research and research on benchmarking enterprises
Benchmark Park Research and Research
Consumption, pricing and channel research

Commercial Due Diligence

Objectively make a compromise analysis on the risks of investment projects
Fair due diligence on the return on investment of the enterprise/project
Accurately identify all risks and measure their impact
Effective avoidance of investment risks (technical risks, management risks, market risks, financial risks and environmental risks)
Carefully propose preventive measures and solutions

It is used for risk assessment of investment, acquisition and merger projects and bank credit risk assessment. KAIYU Consulting has professional in-depth research capabilities in the industry, rich and diverse assessment models, accurate estimation of venture capital projects and enterprise commercial credit, and high feasibility of assessment

Due Diligence of Investment Value in Target Industry Market

Current situation and trend of overall scale and structure of the industry
Supply and demand status, risks and opportunities of the market in general and in detail
Current situation and trend of industry development environment
Current status of industry technology and direction of future technological change
Analysis of industry indicators (life cycle, profitability, etc.)
Analysis of key competition contents and indicators in the industry
Analysis of industry investment and financing environment

Due Diligence of Project Investment

Overall investment/credit proposal
Core competitiveness evaluation of target enterprises (based on enterprise competitiveness evaluation model)
Main risk items
Suggestions on project investment mode
bargaining strategy

Research on industry benchmark enterprises

Basic information
Production, sales and inventory
financial analysis
Business strategy analysis
Competitiveness evaluation

Target enterprise credit evaluation report

Business status (overview, organizational structure, personnel, business and product structure, business model, upstream and downstream situation, import and export data, etc.)
Financial status (main financial investigation+three statements)
Credit records (litigation records, performance records, etc.)
Historical background (background of key personnel, development history and key events)
Patent report
History and analysis of enterprise investment and financing

Consulting services for foreign products entering the Chinese market

China’s new market entry is faced with high risks and high returns, making it difficult for enterprises to make decisions.
Shangpu will conduct all-round comprehensive analysis and research from the macro policy environment, market capacity, competitive environment, upstream and downstream supply environment, user characteristics, channel characteristics and other key information needed for market entry decisions, and
Advise users on the most difficult strategic decisions.
Specializing in providing users with experts in marketing, law, finance and other aspects, and providing guidance throughout the market entry process

The following services can be provided for market research:

Macro industry research
● Macroscopically sort out the overall situation of the market
Future trend research
● Judge the future development trend of the industry
Investment feasibility analysis
● From the financial point of view, calculate the feasibility of investment and the return on investment
Micro operation analysis
● Analyze the industrial chain (upstream, midstream enterprises and supporting parties, downstream)
Opportunity risk analysis
● Determine industry opportunities, barriers and risks
Suggestions on market entry
● Analyze investment entry and give relevant implementation suggestions

CHINA M&A advisory services

Select Trading Partner
Using its decades of experience in market research and investment consulting, Shangpu Consulting helps customers find the most suitable M&A targets in the industry, and reduces the information asymmetry and M&A risks of both parties before M&A.

M&A transaction path and scheme design
Design the transaction path to make the transaction more feasible, more convenient, safer and more economical. Assist customers in drafting the intentional cooperation agreement through preliminary analysis of the basic data of the target company in the early stage and in combination with the actual situation of other companies in the industry.

responsible investigation
Commercial due diligence, legal due diligence, financial due diligence, tax due diligence

Project value evaluation
Feasibility demonstration and value evaluation of the project based on the results of due diligence

M&A negotiations
Participate in the negotiation meeting between customers and M&A targets and assist customers in negotiation and communication with M&A targets

Agreement signing
Drafting and signing of legal documents

M&A integration
Provide consulting services for the expected post merger restructuring and internal integration in the future


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