Shipping Policy

Shipping terms

  1. Transportation prices are negotiable, and transportation methods vary according to products and customer suggestions. Negotiate now
  2. The default price displayed on the website includes the freight from Shanghai to major ports in the world.
  3. Ship from Shanghai warehouse to America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa…global markets.
  4. We provide three modes of transportation: sea freight, air freight and express delivery. Sea freight is the default method, and the additional costs incurred by air freight and express delivery are borne by the buyer.
  5. Usually customized products take 10 days to produce and 7 days to be shipped by air to all over the world; but heavy products like soundproof booths usually take 2-7 days to be shipped overseas by sea to South Korea, Japan, Singapore…; 20 days to arrive in the Middle East, East Africa market; 30 days to reach the US and Canadian markets; 40 days to reach the UK…European market.
  6. The buyer can also designate a shipping agent for the goods, but the additional costs incurred will be borne by the buyer.
  7. If the product cannot be used due to product quality reasons, the seller supports refund or compensation.
  8. Communicate online or by email to obtain more accurate port fee discounts.

For example

Soundproof phone booth products office partitions and acoustic panel products suitable for shipping.

Customized product shipping methods
Optional transportation methods: sea transportation, air transportation, express
Asia 2-7 days 2-5 days 2-5 days
Australia & New Zealand 15-20 days 5-7 days 3-5 days
United States 20-30 days 7-10 days 5-7 days
Rulop 30-40 days 7-10 days 5-7 days
Africa 20-40 days 7-10 days 5-7 days
Middle East 10-20 days 5-7 days 3-5 days

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