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Anker Innovation Capital’s Amazon is a big seller, with $3.2 billion in half-year revenue


Amazon is just a channel, and independent sites are just a channel. Although the venture capital market seems to show obvious preference for independent sites this year, the essence is the competitiveness of products in the hearts of buyers.

A few days ago, the IPO application status of Zhiou Technology on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) was re-displayed as review. The amazon home furnace-seller, which is invested by Anke Innovation Investment and ranks the second largest shareholder, once again entered the cross-border e-commerce circle, causing hot discussions.

Zhiou Technology was founded in 2010 with a registered capital of only 500,000 yuan. Considering that the company’s annual revenue is 3.2 billion yuan, it is truly impressive. Zhiou technology can have today’s success, it must have done a lot of things right, here to take the product matrix of Zhiou technology to talk about the importance of product development combined with customer group use scenarios.

This year, Amazon sellers have been hit by a series of heavy blows, and basically reached a consensus on finding new growth points. Some are moving to standalone sites, some are jumping on TikTok, some are playing it safe and heading to Walmart or other platforms, but most are definitely thinking about how to create new growth through selection.


When it comes to selection, many sellers are likely to think of new categories, including Anker Innovation, which seems to be pinning its hopes on new categories. Anker Innovation’s latest move has been interpreted as seeming to enter the track of 3D printing devices and drones. However, the risk of entering a new category is no less than that of doing an independent station. The new category is also a completely unfamiliar track for sellers, and everything has to be explored and explored innovantly.

In fact, there is a safer new product development mode, that is, on the basis of the original category of products to extend different positioning of the new. Looking back at the product matrix of Zhiou Technology, it is mainly divided into four categories: furniture, home, garden, pets, and then others. Zhiou makes different positioning for the same category of products according to the different usage scenarios of customers, and develops products with corresponding functions to enrich its product line, expand sales and increase the re-purchase of customers.

Sellers can also to rethink its current product, can according to different customers to use scenario for product line extension, the identity of the property or according to customers different extension product line, or according to different users for the product emotional projection to extend product line, and so on, all in all, the real empathy, standing in the point of view of customers demand to decomposition, open the corresponding product. That’s certainly safer.